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EraOxy+ Tab Aquaculture Chemicals

EraOxy+  Tab

Aggrandizing long Acting Oxygen Releasing Tablets


  • Long Acting Oxygen Releasing  Bio-Active  Tablets.


  • Synthesize Oxygen Upto 10 Hours Depending upon Oxygen Level of Pond.
  • Support in case of Aerator Back up in Pond.
  • Helps in Detoxifying Noxious Gases & Pond Harmful Environment.
  • Immediately Helps in Free Moulting & Reducing Post Moulting Stress in Shrimp.
  • Improve Survival Rate & Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).
  • Reaches to Pond Bottom & provide More Oxygen.


For Shrimp:-

  • Low Oxygen Deficiency Level: 600 Gm/Hectare.
  • Acute Oxygen Deficiency Level: – 1200 Gm/Hectare.
  • Consult Your Aquaculture Consultant.


  • 600 Gm HDPE Pack.


  • No Antibiotics – No Residues
  • Costal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) Registered Product
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