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EraProWS+ Aquaculture Probiotics


Imminent Biotechnological Water & Soil Probiotics for Healthy Pond Ecosystems.


  • Unique Blend of Multi-Strain Probiotics
  • Essential Enzymes


  • Sustain Favourable Algal Bloom in Pond.
  • Improves Water Quality, pH & Optimal Plankton Level.
  • Reduces Noxious Gas by Nitrification & Denitrification Process.
  • Improves Pond Bottom Condition by Reducing Organic Waste & Bad Odour.
  • Controls Unwanted Microorganisms in Pond.
  • Improves Availability of Dissolved Oxygen in Pond.


  • Add 600 gm of EraProWS+ in 50 to 100 Litres of Water & Keep 3 to 4 Hours.
  • Spread Equally in One Hectare of Pond Having One Meter Water Depth.
  • Repeat Dose in Every 15 Day up to Harvesting.
  • Ideal Time of Application is Morning Hours.
  • Consult Your Aquaculture Consultant.


  • 600 gm HDPE Pack


  • No Antibiotics – No Residues
  • Costal Aquaculture Authority-CAA Registered Product
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